First Manufacturer in Pakistan Who Got Liscence from PSQCA on u-PVC, Fittings, PE Water Storage Tanks
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uPVC Pipes & Fittings

u-PVC Pipes range of production is from 1/2" dia to 8" dia in Class-B for 200ft head of water, Class-C for 300ft head of water.

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PPRC Pipes & Fittings

Extremely Long Life at least 50 years. No Scalling. Food Grade Material. Rust & Corrosion Free. Rupture Free. Low Electrical Conductivity.

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HDPE Pipes & Fittings

Light weight. Freeze resistant. Good weld-ability. Easy laying / installation. Flexible and at the same time good impact strenght.

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PE Water Tanks

We are producing Master Fit water tanks in various sizes, capacity & design according to the customers need, design and capacity.


Welcome To Noble Enterprises

Our fittings have a very good impact resistance, excellent weather tolerance, light in weight and best in quality.

Noble Enterprises under the brand Master Fit is successfully operating in the market for the last 20 years. To Offer the customer with complete solution we have been producing u-PVC Pipes (Pressure and non pressure pipe 2" to 14") PPRC, PE, CONDUIT PIPES, FITTINGS AND PE WATER STORAGE TANKS.

Our materials are imported from the best foreign sources thus ensuriing the best quality products to our valued customers. All our productsa are manufactured from good grade non toxic raw material most suitable to human health. we have a well-quipped quality control laboratory for performing QC tests on our products to ensure defect free products for our valued customers.

Liscence's from PSQCA

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First Manufacturer in Pakistan Who Got Liscence from PSQCA on u-PVC, Fittings, PE and Water Storage Tanks.

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